Inner Circle’s Trevor ‘Skatta’ Bonnick Supports Ifatunde Orunmila On New Reggae Single “Time Is Getting Serious”

00Trevor ‘Skatta’ Bonnick, one of the lead singer for the international reggae band Inner Circle, is the co-producer of “Time Is Getting Serious,” the new reggae record from Ifatunde OrunmilaSkatta played all of the instruments, did all of the harmony and mixed the song. It was mastered however, by Mario ‘Syantis’ Lawrence.

Recorded in Kingston, Jamaica at Cube Music Studio, “Time Is Getting Serious” was shared in June and was well received by reggae lovers and music critics alike. When asked what inspired the very strong opinionated lyrics, this is what Ifatunde Orunmila had to say: “I wrote the lyrics to this song inspired by the condition of the world and what is going on. We see biological war, chemical war, civil war, and political war. When one looks at “Tell lie vision” all one sees is serious times. This song is inspired by the times we are living in.”

Ifatunde Orunmila was initiated into the ways of the Orishas (Òrìṣà), which is a Yoruba tradition; as such, he tends to look at life through spiritual lens. That being said, for him “Time Is Getting Serious” also serves as a warning. “I would like listeners to continue to be aware, vigilant and delve into themselves and realise the way we live. I want to impact those that are blind to reality to be still and learn from the all and make a Change. I want to inspire people to see how serious things have become so that they may take a positive stand.” Orunmila said the aforementioned when asked what he would like people take away from the track.

Trevor and Ifatunde have been friends for approximately seventeen (17) years. with both men remaining active in their respective careers, it was inevitable that they would eventually collaborate on a project.


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