Reggae-Gospel Singer Derrick Scott Calls Out False Prophets On His Single “Some Preacher Nowadays”

0000-Derrick ScottTaken from his latest album, “Gospel Truth,” Derrick Scott‘s current single, “Some Preacher Nowadays,” though controversial, is accurate!

In the intro, Scott makes it clear that he is not talking about anyone in particular (“mi naa tro no stone”) but that the gospel must be rooted in honesty and not deception. He then goes on to shed light on the fact that many Ministers of the Gospel are there for their own selfish ambitions as opposed to carrying out the will of God.

Some Preacher Nowadays” is a reggae song with a laid-back, easy going, delightful sound, that is guaranteed to captivate its listener. Musicians that contributed to the track are: Paul Douglas (drums), Robbie Shakespeare (bass), Kashief Lindo and Lenny (keyboards), Willie Lindo (guitars), John Erinosho (sax); with background vocals by Susan Sultry and Shauna Dazzle. The song was recorded and mixed at Heavybeat Studio, with production credits going to Derrick Scott for his own DScott Music.


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