Talmigila’s Biography (@BanjoSimmonds)

Talmigila Biography

Ernest G. Simmonds, better known as Talmigila, is the artist with the profoundly silky, sultry voice who has been captivating reggae listeners with his cultural music for the past four decades. He hails from the musical community of Islington in St. Mary, Jamaica; a large district located on the hills in the North East section of the Parish. Islington has the distinction of being the home to many artists with an international repertoire, namely: Nico Demus, Capleton, Pan Head, Mad Cobra and recently dancehall artist Munga Honorable.

Talmigila started his music career at the age of sixteen by performing in both his, and neighboring communities (Port Maria, Annoto-Bay, Ocho Rios and Oracabessa). After achieving success performing locally, he made the decision to relocate to the capital of the country, Kingston, where he was able to fully concentrate on working on his craft by aligning himself with others in the industry. Once in Kingston, Talmigila was able to forge great relationships with some of the nation’s biggest musicians. By the early 80’s through 90’s he was working on various projects with the Fire House Crew, Sly and Robbie, Don Marshall, Axe Man and many others.

Now residing in Florida, Talmigila is still very active in the music business. He regularly performs in the U.S. and Jamaica; and has shared the stage with Freddy McGregor, Ras Shiloh, Brigadier Jerry, Glen Washington, and that is just to name a few. He is currently promoting his latest project, a ten track album, titled “Stand Up.”

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