Winston ‘Flags’ Smith Releases New Reggae Single Inspired By The Pandemic, Racial Injustice & The Economic Collapse


Veteran reggae artist, Winston ‘Flags’ Smith, is sharing a song from his upcoming album titled “One Fine Day.” The new single, which is called “The World Is On Fire,” was inspired by the current state of the world; specifically, the global pandemic, the economic collapse, racial injustice, police brutality towards African Americans, and the many protests and riots that followed.

The song, though forceful, was delivered with a bright, hopeful energy that can be felt through the speakers. It was recorded in Miami, Florida, which is where Flags is now based.

Song credits are as follows: David Simmons on drums, Anthony Crichton on Rock Guitar, Patrick Quest on Keyboards and Guitar; with harmonies by Shauna Dazzle Dixon.

When asked what he would like listeners to take away from this record, Winston ‘Flags’ Smith said the following: “The message is one of reassurance, never to forget that Mother Nature rules over the earth, because with all their military might and scientific knowledge the Super Powers that be can’t contain the spread of the small virus. The song also conveys a message that Jah has also opened the eyes of the oppressed to see that the wicked can never conquer.”

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