Jamaicans; Don’t Be Distracted By The Dubplates Being Shared By Politicians!

On September 3rd, Jamaicans will go to the polls to elect the government, which is to serve the nation for the next five years. That being said, politicians on both side of the aisle are in full campaign mode. The colors –  green and orange – are out, posters are up all across the island, rallies are being held and dubplates are being played.

Election time in Jamaica has, in some areas, become somewhat of a festive season in recent years. Though we are glad to see that you can now openly declare your choice without worrying about losing your life, we want to remind all Jamaicans that this is a serious decision that should not be taken lightly.

What we here at MJ Magazine are noticing is that politicians are using music and entertainment to distract voters from their record. Politicians in the two major political parties have been sharing dubs by some of the biggest reggae and dancehall artists; and we fear that voters may go to the polls with the best dubplate in mind as oppose to the person’s record.

In closing, our advise is to enjoy the music but vote for the person who has been honestly working for the people.

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