Reggae Vibes Music Releases The Visuals For Lutan Fyah’s Hit Single “Twitter Friend” (@ReggaeVibesMus1)

In early July, Reggae Vibes Music released what many industry insiders are calling one of the best reggae rhythm driven compilation for the Summer, the “World Rebirth Riddim.” The album features top-tier reggae artists such as: Anthony BJah CureLutan FyahTurbulenceYami BoloRufftop Rock ITony CurtisPowerman and Ginjah.

As the label continues to promote the project, they are now sharing the official video for “Twitter Friend,” which is Lutan Fyah‘s song on the riddim. In spite of the many restrictions placed us because of the covid-19 pandemic, the director – Demar Williams (Phoenix Studioz JA) – still managed to capture clips that accurately reflect the lyrics and coherently tells the story. 

Twitter Friend” is the tale of an obsessed female fan who consistently and aggressively pursue Lutan Fyah on his social media accounts. 

When the song was first released in July, Lutan Fyah was asked to give a statement about it and he said the following: “Social media notifications stimulate a lot of women. The serotonin pops like bubbles in their heads. Instagram, Snapchat, Tumblr, Facebook.. They are in need of more happy chemicals to bring them higher than the follow count….. They can’t live happily with just one “Like.” In my experience I learn a lot about attention seekers on social media who always want to be seen. Incidentally that’s where a lot of men find their wives.


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