What Do You Think About Reggae/Dancehall Artists Doing Vlogs To Stay Relevant?

The covid-19 pandemic has caused every industry to reexamine the way they do things; the music business is no different. Tours and live shows are simply not happening right now, and by the looks of things, they won’t be for a while.

One of the things artists are doing in an attempt to stay relevant is vlogging. For those not familiar with this term, it is basically a video blog. This has always been somewhat of a norm with international pop artists but we are now seeing more and more local acts engaging in the process.

Several reggae/dancehall artists have taken to their social media platforms to give their fans a behind the scenes look at their everyday lives. Wayne Marshall and his wife, for example, have been vlogging for approximately five months. Today – September 17th –  we are learning that Romain Virgo and his wife have just launched their show, which they’re calling “The Virgos.” 

It remains to be seeing whether or not reggae/dancehall fans will be as receptive to this as the international pop fans are.

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