Emerging Dancehall Artist E.G. Releases New Single “Caan Trust Dem” (@EgDaGovenaw)

Guyanese recording artist E.G., who is now based in New York, has just released his latest single – a dancehall track titled “Caan Trust Dem.” The record, which initially started as a freestyle done on Instagram during the city’s covid-19 lockdown, was then recorded at Platinum Recording Studio in Brooklyn. Additional work was done at Mark Walcott’s studio (imark producedat) and Jkeez Records.

When asked what inspired the song, E.G. said the following: “I was in the kitchen bubbling my veggie soup when the news reported on pop smoke being murdered and the suspect was said to be his friend who was with him at the time who might have set him up I was medsn this new track that my producer Damion Hewitt “keezy”  Had sent me (Conquere Riddim) hearing the report on pop smoke triggered something and my mind started thinking about my personal experiences and those I read and hear about it just started to flow the words were all in my head and flowing in 10-15mins. I don’t write on paper it’s all in my head so it was just repeating things over and over again.

Something about being in my kitchen I seem to have a lot of clarity and inspiration while in the kitchen I have about 4 songs I put together while doing something in the kitchen lol.”

Caan Trust Dem” was officially published on all digital music platforms on Monday, October 5th. It is on The Conquere Riddim, which is produced and mixed by Damion Hewett from Jkeez Records in St. Elizabeth, Jamaica.

Among other things, E.G. would like listeners of the song to be mindful of the friends they keep. He lamented the same in his own words: “I want the listeners to pay attention to their surroundings and the people around them you know – pay attention to the signs – fake people fake friends bad mind and envious people they can only pretend to be what they are not for but so long. Sometimes you can get caught up trying to be a real person and a real friend to some people who really are not your friend and by time you find out who they really are it can be too late and nuff people learn that the hard way. So protect yuh self.”


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