Beenie Man Issues Statement Regarding The Video Being Circulated Online About Him Being Hospitalized

Please see below an official statement from Jamaica’s dancehall king, Beenie Man, regarding the rumors being circulated that he is in the hospital.

“With sincere gratitude, there are not enough words to fully express my heartfelt thanks for the sympathy, love and virtual support my fans, friends, coworkers, family and my well-wishers have extended to my family and I during this difficult time.

On Sunday, October 25th I laid my Mom to rest. It was by far and still is the most difficult thing I have ever had to do. Leading up to the day of the funeral I was physical involved in every aspect of the planning and execution.

I kept telling myself, maybe if I remained active I will be able to function. Unfortunately, when it came down to that very last moment, it hit me and hit very hard. This would be the last time I would see my mom. Despite the noise, the singing, the mourning, all I could hear was silence while watching my mom’s body being lowered into the tomb.

My heart broke and I blacked out for a few mintues. When I revived, I saw my closest friends and my family around me.

Unfortunately, that very intimate and sad moment was recorded and then circulated around the world with false statements. I was not hospitalized, I was comforted by my friends and family.

Please continueto pray for us as we heal and move forward.

Love, light and Respect

-Moses Davis”

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