Jamaican Artist Star Bingi Releases New EP & Preps For 2021 (@Starbingi)

There is a common trend happening in the music business irrespective of genre; as parts of the industry are literally on lockdown, artists, producers and record labels are using this time to create, release and promote new material, with the hopes of heading out on the road next year. Jamaican dancehall artist Star Bingi is no different. 

The U.K. based sing-jay has just released his first ever EP titled “Optimum.” The seven-track project, shared on his own Optimum Productions label, is a mixture of dancehall and reggae, and it’s an insight into his ongoing struggles as well as his triumphs. Star Bingi describes the EP this way: “The EP, was really inspired by the actual title OPTIMUM. When I acknowledged the word a movement formulated in a time of bereavement, doubt, missed opportunities. This was a moment of challenges, betrayal, trust issues where I actually felt not to continue with the music and then the word came to me and I went and researched the meaning of Optimum and the result was none higher which indicated to me to press on don’t stop move and it resonated a sense of strong belief in one self.”

Some of the producers and musicians that have contributed their time and energy to this record includes: Mantra, LBBT, Randy Valentine, Hyaklass, Audio Trax, Kaptionz Music and BeatsBYHT

In addition to releasing the EP, Star Bingi has also uploaded the official video for “Shilling & Pence,” which is track number five (5) on the project. The artist and his team are working very hard to position themselves for the new year when venues reopen and they can once again head out on the road.


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