Peetah Sancho’s New Single “I&I” Is Simply A Blessing

With literally hundreds of new reggae songs being released on a daily basis, new music in this and frankly any other genre, have to be really good in order to stand out and get enough attention so as to propel it to the next level. The brand new single from reggae recording artist Peetah Sancho is one such song. 

I&I” is a roots reggae track that was inspired by several thoughts Sancho had: 1) that of unity among the elders and there responsibilities towards the younger generation. 2) The system of inequality that leads to oppression of our youths. And 3) the overall inability to progress in society. 

On the record Peetah Sancho asks a series of questions, such as: “who is going to help me teach the youths dem reality?Who is going to help me tell them bout his majesty?Who is going to help me build back black supremacy?” The song is dulcet, melodious, sonorous and simply a blessing.

When an incredible work is created usually all credits are given to the person or persons at the forefront, but we must acknowledge and highlight the musicians that aided in the production of this beautiful song: Danny Miller (bass), Nami Harmon (sax), Andy Bassford (guitar) and Meds (drums). “I&I” was voiced at Jaamazima Studio and was later revisited and over dubbed at Bulwakie’s. 

When asked what he would like listeners to take away from such a powerful song, Peetah Sancho said the following: “What I would want from the listeners is just to give an ear to the words that I’m saying.


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