New Reggae Music From Leroy Sibbles “Pretty Brown Eyed Girl”

Reggae lovers are appreciating Leroy Sibbles‘ new single, “Pretty Brown Eyed Girl.” The song has not yet been officially released – it’s scheduled to be out on December 4th – however, persons in the media and some reggae enthusiasts from the general public were given a link to listen a snippet of the record and the feedback so far has been overwhelmingly positive.

Sibbles is really invested in this project, playing multiple roles. In addition to singing he also played the bass and was instrumental in contacting other established musicians who also contributed to the production. Kingsley Boyd played drums, Donovan Palmer is on keyboards and the late Dalton Browne did the guitar. “Pretty Brown Eyed Girl” was recorded at Bright Beam Studio, while the mixing and mastering were done at Anchor Studio.

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