Kashief Lindo Releases Heartfelt Single “Love Is Just A Heartbeat Away” (@KashiefLindo)

The Florida based music label, Heavybeat Records, which is owned and operated by veteran producer and musician, Willie Lindo, has been consistently giving us top-tier reggae releases since its inception. That being said, they have officially raised the bar with the release of Kashief Lindo‘s (Willie‘s son) newest single, “Love Is Just A Heartbeat Away.”

The powerhouse song, though very laid back and smooth, is extremely potent in delivering a message that is sure to have an impact on anyone who hears it. On the record, Kashief, who sounds as though he is genuinely crying, questions “why are we so unkind when love is just a heartbeat away.” The singer challenges our decision to choose a path of war as oppose to peace; he also highlights the issue of childhood hunger, as well as the inhumane way in which we deal with each other. 

If the lyrics and the way in which they’re delivered does not capture your attention, then the video is sure to. In an effort to be a honest visual representation of the words, the video shows real life events of things being sang about, with only a couple performance scenes from Kashief


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