“Stand With The Protesters Remix” Video Coming in 2021! (@EgDaGovenaw)

Several weeks ago, in the height of the protests against police brutality and racial inequality, four artists got together and made it clear that they are standing with the people who are speaking out against these injustices. 

New York based dancehall and soca artist E.G., who had previously released a single titled “Stand With The Protesters,” invited Ras Xtr3me, Mr. AMG and J Shadda to join him on the remix. Coincidentally, the revised version became more widely accepted than the original. This resulted in the men creating some visuals for the project.

Within the last few weeks, director King Neptune came up with a concept that would allow all the men – despite being in different cities, and in some cases countries – to play a part in telling the story about police abusing their power and stereo typing young black men. The video, which was predominantly captured at Bushwick Studio in Brooklyn, New York, was shot and is being edited by Mavrick’s Mansion Studios.

The official release date is not yet known but it is expected to be released in January, 2021. E.G., the man behind the project said the following about the video: “It was fun and exciting to pull off this shoot and a big shout out to everyone who helped us put this together.”


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