Peetah Sancho Re-releases Reggae Single “Agent Of The Heart”

Though 2020 presented insurmountable challenges for persons within the music industry, reggae artist Peetah Sancho has been able to turn his roadblocks into stepping stones. 

The singer officially returned to the music business in January after taking a four-year break, and has captured the attention of key industry insiders with his unique sound and style. Upon his return, Sancho shared four powerful singles; the most recent being Agent of the Heart. 

The lover’s-rock reggae track, which was initially released some time ago, has been remastered and is on Sancho‘s own Tri Yard Music label. On the record he sings about the one woman that has been able to capture his love and labels her an Agent of the Heart.”

By putting out quality records, Peetah has made his 2020 re-entrance a notable one. He is definitely an artist to watch in 2021!


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