Dheapblu’s Biography

Frederick Brennan Brown is known publicly as recording artist, producer and songwriter DHEAPBLU. When he first started singing, many years ago, he went by the name Freddy Brown but made the decision to change his name after learning that several other persons within the entertainment industry were also going by that moniker. He settled on the brand DHEAPBLU following a recording session at Penthouse Studio, when upon exiting the booth, a producer refer to his performance and delivery as deep and filled with blues. After much contemplation he felt that DHEAPBLU more accurately describes who he is as a person as well as his life’s journey.

Though DHEAPBLU is Jamaican he refuses to be placed in either a reggae or dancehall box. As a versatile songwriter he continues to remain open to all genres of music. His belief is that music is a language of the heart and soul, and as such, it cannot and should not be locked into any one category.

DHEAPBLU was born in Richmond, St. Mary and he grew up in Jones Town with his parents, sisters and brothers. As far as academic achievements go, he attended Alpha Primary, Holy Trinity and Kingston College. And though he had been singing since he was a youth, it was football and track and field that captured his attention in school. Most of his early singing was done in the church. He actually wrote his first song at the age of nine, and yes, it was a gospel tune. DHEAPBLU has had a strong passion for music all his life. One of his fondest memories was being approximately two or three years old and requesting a song on the radio. He was absolutely over joyed when the track was played immediately, leaving an impression on him about the power of music. That moment has inspired much of his childhood musical desires, and it has never left him to this day.

Today DHEAPBLU is known and respected for his musical aptitude. That being said, like most people in this business, he has had to overcome many challenges. As a young man at Studio One he paid his dues, first by always running errands for the more established artists as well as Coxsone Dodd; and secondly by continuously being pushed to the back of the line when it comes time to actually record his songs. But despite the aforementioned, he has been steadfast and as a result he now has a respectable music career.

DHEAPBLU is now working with Upstairs Music, one of Florida’s most reputable reggae record label. They have just released his brand new six-track EP titled “Love Light.” The team’s focus now is on aggressively promoting this project via both traditional and digital media as they look ahead to the end of the pandemic when DHEAPBLU will be able to head out on the road again.

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