Review Of Iba Mahr’s New Song “Street & Lane” (@IbaMaHr)

Today, new music Friday – January 15th, we are getting a brand new reggae song from Iba Mahr titled “Street & Lane.” The record is produced by the Canadian-based roots sound, Riddim Wise.

Listening to “Street & Lane” several thoughts are running through my mind. First and foremost, I am genuinely enjoying the song; it’s well written, skillfully delivered and admirably produced. On the other hand, I am thinking about the actual lyrical content.

On the track Iba Mahr said “Jah love is all we need because the system is failing.” He also named several cities in Jamaica, which would lead one to believe that he is talking about the Jamaica system failing island wide. For me, this is somewhat vague and should be more specific. Is he saying that the entire system is failing? I just think that as an artist with a huge following, who is no doubt being carefully listened to by his fans, he should leave no room for misinterpretations.

He goes on to say “let us talk about how you’ve got us captive.” Again, one has to wonder in what regard is he speaking about captivity? I know that some may say that I am nit-picking, but unlike most people I always focus more on the lyrical content than on the rhythm or the overall song.

With all that being said, “Street & Lane” is a really good reggae song. If I was to rate it out of 10 I would probably give it an 8. I highly recommend that reggae lovers check it out for themselves. You can click here to listen and download “Street & Lane” from your preferred music platform.

Reviewed by Maria Jackson (CEO & Owner of Maria Jackson Magazine)

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