Karamanti Releases Video For “Genesis 19” Following Multiple Setbacks!

Last year, shortly after the release of her reggae single “Genesis 19,” Karamanti attempted to shoot the video for the song on three separate occasions, but was derailed each time. 

The first disruption came after the two initial scenes were captured – that of the dancer and guitarist – and it was time for Karamanti to shoot her performance scene. She immediately began exhibiting signs of the corona virus, which resulted in a halt in production allowing her to quarantine for the required number of days. Once she had gotten over covid-19, nature prevented the production from restarting as Jamaica was experiencing ongoing heavy rainfalls, putting a stop to any outdoor activity. And finally, after all the clips were recorded the editing system crashed!

Not being one to give up, the artist and her entire team regrouped after each setback and went at it again. Notwithstanding, the official video for “Genesis 19” is now out and can be viewed on her YouTube channel.


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