Audrey Hall’s “Reggae Zones” Album Remastered & Rereleased!

In the middle of the dreaded covide19 pandemic of 2020,  reggae singer/songwriter, Audrey Hall – who initially shared her Reggae Zones CD in 2001 – remastered and rereleased the entire project. The then seventeen-track album, published on Super Power Records is a collection of conscious reggae tunes that can be classified as motivational and/or inspiring. The updated version of Reggae Zones now has eighteen songs. The new addition is track number eighteen (18), ‘Oh No Not My Baby’ with Lorna G joining Hall on the track. It goes without saying that the overall production that’s now distributed by VPal Music, has been pleasantly enhanced.  It’s now available on most streaming platforms.

Hall confesses that she loves all the songs and has many favorites! She states, “From the ‘Conscious Lyrics’ zone I love ‘Life’s Too Short’ and the ska tune ‘You’re Right’ because both songs have powerful messages and they have beautiful melodies and beats! From the ‘Love Messages’ zone I like to point out ‘Fade Away’, ‘It’s Him Again’ and ‘Mastermind’ also ‘Filled With Confusion’. They have great catchy lyrics that so many can relate to.  The beat, melody and musical arrangements are timeless (I credit Courtney Panton in large part and others including myself for these traits running right through the album.) In the ‘Retro Music’ zone I love ‘Broken Hearted Melody’ and the new addition, ‘Oh No Not My Baby’ a combo with Lorna G and I. They are favorites of mine as are the other songs in all zones.”

Musicians that were instrumental (no pun intended) in the creation of this album are: Courtney Panton, Derrick Barnett, Steely & Clevie, Noel Alphonso, Horace James, Les Sargeant, Winston Grenan, Robbie Hewitt, Cedric Brooks, Sidney Mills, Donovan Steele, and Computer Paul. Background vocals were done by: Maritza Franck, Pam Hall, Melanie Lynch, Derrick Barnett, Worl-a-Girl and Audrey Hall.

Reggae Zones was produced, mastered and remastered by: Chris Scott of Castek Systems Solutions. Other producers are Anthony Barrett (Barry U/Super Power Records), Audrey Hall of One Dance Won’t Do fame and Courtney Panton of Kingston Studios.

When Audrey first shared this album many years ago, she did so simply because of her love for writing and performing music. She chose to remaster and rerelease it because she strongly feels that it never received adequate promotion back then. Now when asked what she would like people to take away from the songs, she said the following: “I would like them to listen carefully to all the messages on this album and I hope they will add wisdom and understanding to what they already have, but most of all I want them to enjoy the music so much that it becomes a part of their musical list to be listened to again and again and shared with friends and family!”


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