Jam Link Intl. Responds To Bunny General’s Public Statement

The organizers of the annual Aarhus Reggae Festival – Jam Link International – wishes to address the public statement made by veteran reggae artist Bunny General regarding not being compensated for his performance on the event in 2019. Please see their assertion below.

In the year 2019, veteran reggae artist Bunny General entered into an agreement with Jam Link International, the company that’s responsible for hosting the yearly Aarhus Reggae Festival in Denmark. 

The consensus was that he, Bunny General, would perform at the 2019 Aarhus Reggae Festival for approximately forty-five minutes for no money (absolutely free), as long as Jam Link Intl. processed his Schengen visa application. 

Jam Link Intl. fulfilled their end and ensured that Bunny General was able to enter Europe on a valid Schengen visa. Bunny General also fulfilled his obligation by performing on the show. Unfortunately, now Bunny General is making public statements that he was not paid for his performance.

It is with deep regret, that we have to now make his contract public as our reputation and integrity is in question. That being said, please see page one of the agreement signed by Bunny General in 2019 (attached). Jam Link Intl. also purchased his return tickets to and from Europe, provided accommodation, meals and ground transportation. 

P.S. We will not be making any additional announcements on this matter. Anyone wanting more information should contact our publicist Maria Jackson Entertainment via www.mjent.net.

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