Talmigila Releases Thought-Provoking New Album “Rise”

80’s reggae singer Talmigila, who has done work with the likes of the Fire House Crew, Sly and Robbie, Don Marshall, Axe Man and many other established names in the industry, has just released a new album titled “Rise.”

The twenty-one track (21) project can be compared to a massive tree – called reggae – with several branches, namely: roots, dancehall, hip-hop etc. Although “Rise” features different genres, the consistency can be found in the underlying message: a call to elevate our thought process.

On “Rise”Talmigila aggressively voices his opinion on matters such as the now trending covid-19 pandemic, racism, violence, relationships and many more; all while suggesting that we think deeper. 

The album has three collaborations: Lalumba (American Dream), Michael Fabulous (Life) and Playbroke (Hurt I Felt). All the songs were recorded at Supreme Studio in Florida and mixed and mastered by engineer Adrian Minott.


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