India Arie Collaborates With Jake Isaac On New Single “Gold” (@indiaarie @iamjakeisaac)

One of the reasons we like India Arie and are always supporting her work is because she is 100% authentic. Nowadays artists that have achieved her level of success tend to be very ingenuine and in some cases outright fake.

India Arie literally just released a new song with British singer and musician Jake Isaac. Based on her post on social media, which we’ve shared below, it is clear that she is all about the music, not the fame, stats or anything of that sort.

The new song is titled “Gold” and it is now available on all music platforms.
See India Arie‘s post below:

New Song : GOLD Jake Isaac ft. India Arie
I met @iamjakeisaac via IG summer of 2020 ~ he asked if I’d do a song with him, so I went to listen to his music, and I was so impressed, it was a EASY yes. When it comes to music I do ONLY what I FEEL. Thats the only way (for me) to get a great performance. @iamjakeisaac had a song in mind for is, that I liked, but didn’t hear myself on.
So, I told him my rule … I have to LOVE it. Smart of him! lol ~ he sent a link with all the songs he had for his project ( I’m VERY selective lol) … and I heard GOLD and I KNEW!, it was the one.
Today, 7pm (EST) GOLD Jake Issac ft. India Arie is released and it so delicate and soulful and lovey. Link in my bio
Thank you Jake.”

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