Long-Time Reggae Singer Cornell Campbell Collaborates With Josh Harris On New Single “Breakdown Any Walls” (@bigfeetrecords)

Last year California producer Josh Harris worked with guitarist, Dave Saxon (USA) and fellow producer Umberto Echo (Germany), to create a catchy reggae-ska beat. After carefully contemplating the melody, he then reached out to long-time reggae singer Cornell Campbell – known for his trademark falsetto voice and his recordings at Studio One in the late 60s – to lay some vocals.

Campbell penned, and eventually recorded some very inspirational words, with an undeniable spiritual undertone. Once he was done, the song would head back to Novato, California where Josh Harris would add backing vocals and get the final mix and mastering done.

The finished product is “Breakdown Any Walls”! A record created to inspire people to look beyond their current realities, with a vision of hope for the future.


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