Veteran Toronto Rapper Uzman Addresses Stress In Times Of Covid (@UZMAN1)

One of Toronto’s longtime hip-hop veteran artist, Uzman, has just dropped a record that addresses the rise in stress related illnesses and deaths, stemming from the covid-19 protocols. The song, titled “Stress Less,” is delivered in a manner that makes it very easy to digest, even for those that aren’t necessarily into hip-hop.

In a recent article by The Globe & Mail, it was reported that suicides went up sharply during the pandemic. Additionally, there have been countless stories from various news outlets highlighting the rapid rise in depression, right across North America, because of the corona virus.

Being an experienced MC, Uzman was very careful to broach this extremely serious topic in a light-hearted, fun but powerful way. When asked what he would like people to take away from the song, he said the following: “When it feels like more Stress Is building on top of Stress, just start thinking – Stress Less.”


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