Watch Chevelle Franklyn’s Full Performance At The Potter’s House (@chevellfranklyn)

At the end of March Psalmist Chevelle Franklyn delivered a powerful performance, albeit virtually, at one of the most prolific megachurches in the United States, The Potter’s House (pastored by world-renowned Christian leader Bishop TD Jakes, Snr.).

No stranger to the global stage, this is the first time a Caribbean act has ministered on a platform of this scale to such a diverse online audience. It has been reported that the church has approximately 30,000 members; and following the Covid-19 global pandemic, millions more now viewing online.

Recently, in speaking of FranklynBishop Jakes said the following: “Clearly, there is a special anointing on this woman! Her vocal ability is a weapon against the enemy! The world, especially at this time, must sing aloud ‘Go In Your Strength.”

Be on the lookout for Chevelle Franklyn‘s upcoming project, “South Wind Vol 1,” which has been rescheduled for release later this year.

Click here or on the image above to watch the full performance and here to check out an additional performance of her new single “Testify.”

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