Upstairs Music & Bagga Case Make Another Significant Contribution To Reggae

As he has done over the years, Danny Breakenridge – the veteran Jamaican producer based in Florida – continues to make significant contributions to the reggae music industry. His latest offering is Orville ‘Bagga’ Case‘s EP, “Mr. Banjo Man.” This project is especially noteworthy because of Bagga‘s rich history as a reggae vocalist.

Orville ‘Bagga’ Case is one of the original member of the veteran reggae group Home T; three men that have been making quality music since the seventies. A classic that they are most known for is “Mek The Christmas Ketch You in A Good Mood,” a song on which Bagga did the lead vocals. In addition to performing with Home TBagga, from time to time will go off on his own and work on solo projects, much like he is doing now with Upstairs Music

The new EP, “Mr. Banjo Man,” has six tracks and was in part inspired by his 90s single with the same name. It (the single) was created by Third World’s Ibo Cooper and Stephen ‘Cat’ Coore, as well as Robbie Lyn and Mikey Bennett. The EP also features “Beyond The Hills,” a song that was initially done in the early sixties by Jamaican singer Teddy BrownBagga stated that as this is one of his favorite childhood record, it had to be included on the project.

When asked to sum up the “Mr. Banjo Man” EP, Bagga said the following: “I believe we have some nice songs here…lovers rock, nice, soothing reggae. I think there’s still a market for this kind of music.”


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