Join Jill Scott For A Live Online Event This Saturday, April 17th (@missjillscott)

Platinum recording artist Jill Scott is inviting her fans and supporters to a live online event in support of her weekly podcast, “Jill Scott presents J.ill.” Since November, Laiya St.Clair, Aja Graydon and Jill Scott have released a new episode each week. They have no-holds barred conversations on topics around relationships, culture, health, art and everything else that comes with surviving and thriving as a Black woman in today’s world.

This week is a sensitive conversation about what Black women face when dealing with many medical professionals. In the “What’s on Your Heart?” segment, actor, comedian, and author Michelle Buteau will join them for a candid conversation about her experience in coloring outside the medical lines.

This important conversation around Black Maternal Health deserves more airtime, so join Jill and her team for a free live virtual show this Saturday, April 17th, at 8pm ET.

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