Dancehall Artist Aurelia Dey Is Intent On Sharing Her Messages Through Various Channels (@AureliaDeyMusic)

As she gets ready to share her new album, “Sunday Service,” Ghanaian-Swedish dancehall artist Aurelia Dey is very focused and driven. It is clear that this project is not just about creating music and getting all the credits and rewards that goes along with that. Aurelia is genuinely trying to convey a message to the masses and she is using as many channels and she can to do so. 

Persons may be familiar with the three previously released songs that will be featured on the upcoming album: “Powerbank,” “Rising” and “All These Neighbours“; however, they may not know that Aurelia also has a web series dubbed “Sunday Service Talks.” She uses this platform to have heated in-depth conversations about topics such as: anti-racism, identity, heritage, feminism and mental health with persons from the African diaspora.

When asked what she would like viewers to take away from the talk show, Aurelia Dey said the following: “we are basically talking about our thoughts and opinions, based on our own experiences, without prestige. We’re creating a safe room that enables us to talk and think freely and discuss mental health.” The next episode of “Sunday Service Talks” will be aired on Sunday, May 2nd. It will be centered around what is happening in Africa, with guests Salem Yohannes, Segal Mohamed and Amanda Pombe

As for the music, her fervent wish is that anyone who listens to the new album will get a deeper sense of self, which should also lead to more heartfelt relationships; as well as true inner peace. The official release date for “Sunday Service” has not yet been announced.

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