E.G. Launches New Record Label & Builds Recording Studio (@EgDaGovenaw)

Despite the pandemic in 2020, dancehall / soca lyricist E.G. had a fairly good year, this is as it relates to his career as a recording artist. Though his music is normally centered around partying, clubbing and more uncontroversial content, he felt compelled to do a record about the racial tension that was dominating the news at the time. 

As such, last Summer, while there were ongoing protests against systematic racism in America, England and parts of Europe, E.G. recorded and released “Stand With The Protesters.” As the name implies, the very controversial record outlines why he sided with the thousands of people who were marching in the streets on a daily basis demanding change. The success of the song led to a remix featuring Mr. AMG, Ras Xtr3me and J Shadda, which was released in the Fall. The new version received a wider audience and helped to grow E.G.‘s fanbase.

Now, as the police killings continues in the United States – where E.G. is based – he has decided that going forward he will be doing a lot more songs addressing social issues; these will be done in addition to his usual club tracks. To that end, he has launched his own record label, Tripple S Music, and has begun construction on the Tripple S Recording Studio.

The implementation of the new label and studio is to ensure that his creativity is not stifled, putting him in a position to quickly release socially sensitive songs as the issues arise.


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