Introducing Ghanaian Reggae Artist Tradition Man Wolo

Tradition Man Wolo is an avid student of reggae music and its legendary stars Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Bunny Wailer, Jimmy Cliff and others. He also appreciates and admires the contributions made by lovers-rock giants like Gregory Isaacs and Beres Hammond. It is his admiration for the aforementioned artists that have led to his own career as a reggae singer and songwriter.

Tradition Man started writing songs and playing gigs while at Achimota High School in Accra, Ghana. After experimenting with music as a solo act, he eventually teamed up with friends to form the now defunct reggae band Club Tradition. At the time, the men were attending the University of Ghana – also in Accra – and became very active, performing on local college campuses.

Unfortunately, his pursuit for a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology took priority, which resulted in him taking a hiatus from music. 

Approximately ten years ago, he relocated to the United States to further his education. This move saw him attending both the University of Toledo and Arizona State University, where he earned a MA and MBA respectively. Following those achievements, his work as a market researcher in the software industry later took him to Seattle, Washington, which is where he is currently based.

The Ghanaian reggae lover is now ready to re-enter the music industry, and will do so with a brand new single called “This Feeling” on May 12th, 2021.

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