“Sorry Not Sorry” If Nas Is On The Track I Can’t Hear Jay

I have to start by saying that this is what they call an opinion piece. In other words, everything that I write in this article is mainly reflecting my opinion based on my history of listening to both Jay Z and Nas, especially during the period when they were engaged in their clash.

Knowing how passionate I am about what happened between them, I will force myself to keep this short (only a few lines) because if I don’t, this could become a book.

So basically what I want to say about Nas and Jay doing a collaboration on DJ Khaled‘s new album is that it is really great for the genre. These are two of the most respected lyricists in the hip-hop industry and they had a fierce battle, which resulted in a lot of hip-hop lovers (myself included) taking sides. So it is really good to see them coming together to show unity and maturity.

That being said, I have never personally gotten over the way Jay attacked Nas (lyrically), while Nas was focused on his mother’s illness. To me that was so low and wrong, and it was then that I lost a lot of respect for Jay Z. Additionally, I have always felt that Nas crushed him in those back and forth clashes. To me Nas is the more superior lyricist.

However, both men have moved on and I guess I should too, but it’s hard. Click here or on the image above to check out the official video for “Sorry Not Sorry,” performed by Nas and Jay Z.

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