HeavyBeat Records Shares The Lyric Video For Kashief Lindo’s “I Can’t See Your Face”

At the end of April, HeavyBeat Records, the musical imprint owned and operated by veteran reggae producer Willie Lindo, released the single “I Can’t See Your Face.” The song, which is performed by KashieF Lindo (Willie‘s son) talks about the despicable ongoing systematic racism currently on full display in various countries all over the world.

Today the men are sharing the lyric video with the hopes of driving home the message of just how blatant and consistent racial discrimination is; not just in the United States but in other developed nations as well. In addition to the lyrics, the video also shows shocking images of race related killings and abuse dating back to the sixties.

Though informative and educational: musically, “I Can’t See Your Face” is a mellow reggae track that is complimented by KashieF‘s dulcet, silky vocals. The song credits are as follows: KashieF is credited for drum programming, piano, keyboards and backing vocals; while Willie is credited for the guitars, writing and producing. The bass was played by Val Douglas, and it was recorded at HeavyBeat Recording Studio and mixed and mastered by their in-house crew.


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