More & More Artists Are Speaking Out About What Is Happening In The U.S. (@EgDaGovenaw)

A few days ago it was reported that another black man was murdered by police in the United Sates. Sadly, this killing took place in 2019, but it was swept under the rug and none of the officers were held accountable.

The continual revelation of these types of homicide at the hands of law enforcement have been disturbing to everyone; artists and public figures alike.

These news have been so troubling that they’ve even gotten several entertainers, not known for their stance on social issues, to use their platforms and voices to raise awareness about them.

Some of the artists that have surprised their fans by aggressively addressing these matters are Grenadian soca singer Mr. Killa, Jamaican dancehall deejay Bounty Killer and many more; even Guyanese recording artist E.G. DaGovenaw has done a song affirming his alliance with the protesters.

In fact, in a new one on one interview with Maria Jackson MagazineE.G. gave us an insight into how Black Americans may be feeling about all that is happening, being in such close proximity to it. He also detailed the story behind his hit song Stand With The Protesters.

Click here or on the image above to watch the full interview.

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