King Jazzy’s Biography (@kingjazzyBee @bridgewayartist)

A king with many crowns; artist, song writer, audio and visual producer, brand ambassador, creator, visionary and entrepreneur, King Jazzy weaves his unique cultural background into everything he creates.  The coalescence of Harlem, NY, Jamaica, West Indies, and Detroit, King Jazzy not only delivers the raw soul and irresistible sound of Jamaican and American music, but he has also lived it from his youth.

Born from 3 generations of performing musicians on his father’s side and raised by an artistic-gypsy mother; Jazzy made his way from East Harlem to the streets and sounds of Miami, to the hills of Jamaica where he experienced the “sound-system culture” of the island’s music-adoring population. Stepfather to the young artist, Dicky Dread of Black Love Sound raised Jazzy in the ways of roots culture, steeping him in the deep musical traditions of the island, and instilling in him a strong sense of positivity, perseverance, and artistry – keeping him afloat even through the rough waters of 3rd world living.

Jazzy got his first taste of being a working musician touring with reggae legend Sugar Minot in 2007. Besides collaborating with Paradime, Denaun Porter of D12, dancehall sensation, Ding Dong and DJ Ted Smooth, sharing the stage with the likes of Buju Banton, Sizzla, Luciano, Capleton, Junior Reed and Juice World, Jazzy’s artistic career includes, running recording studios in Michigan, Jamaica, and New York City; creating 2 cannabis dispensary brands in Michigan, and running his production company, Electric Sticky.

A true hustler, Jazzy has been a relentless innovator and performer of his original music. His sound is a spicy blend of depth and swagger that naturally permeates his craft. His music reveals an artist of the great American song-crafting tradition as well as a tough, electronic-edged hip-hop infused Caribbean vibes. Jazzy touches on Hip Hop, R&B, Reggae, Dancehall, Electronic and Afro-pop.

Few artists can authentically hit such a spectrum of genres. King Jazzy draws outside the lines but what a colorful picture he presents! Just as explosive rocking’ over beats provided by a DJ as he is fronting a full live band, the King Jazzy stage show consistently leaves audiences energized from dancing all night…. as King Jazzy puts his mission – “Shake the world awake!”

King Jazzy brings us a fresh twist to trap songs with his latest record, Trap Betty Baby.  This song is on a new path with what some are calling trap love songs. Trap Betty Baby mixes romance with street life and Jazzy brings the two together like none other. The official video is shot in Jamaica featuring some of the most popular dancers the island has to offer and is filled with beautiful scenery and even more beautiful women. Laid back, smooth and sexy, this song is making waves on both hip hop and reggae platforms and is on its way to being the next strip club anthem.


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