Bilingual Reggae Singer Dahlia Anderson To Release New Album In The Fall

Much like others in the music industry, Canadian based bilingual reggae singer Dahlia Anderson, has encountered tremendous setbacks because of the covid-19 pandemic. Prior to all the shutdowns and restrictions the artist had released a couple of singles: In My Mind and Infatuation, and was beginning to get some traction on both. Unfortunately, when governments all over the world began banning public gatherings and insisting that everyone stay home, it halted her marketing campaign.

As things are finally beginning to re-open and everyone is trying to get back to some sense of normalcy, Dahlia and her team are now resuming their work. At this moment the singer is focused on a new album that she hopes to have ready for the public in the Fall of this year. She has said that the new project will be a fusion of pop and lover’s-rock and that it will have a surprise feature.  

Additionally, she is still promoting her latest video, In My Mind, which was officially released in mid December. The visuals were directed by Yvette Martin and it was shot in Niagara Falls, Canada. 


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