Rastafarian Reggae Artist Izi Ion Returns With “So Many Sounds”

St. James recording artist Izi Ion, who rose to prominence in the nineties, has returned with a robust new reggae single titled So Many Sounds

The song, which was officially released at the end of March, laments on the benefits of the Rastafarian way of life; with a strong emphasis on maintaining a plant based diet. As someone who spends a lot of time growing his own food, Izi Ion goes into great detail about how the body works and why it is vital to avoid meat.

The deep, powerful and informative tune is now trending in Jamaica. In an attempt to bring more attention to the song and its message, Izi Ion and his team have recently shot a video which is now being edited and will be released shortly.

So Many Sounds is on the KENERGi Music label. This is also the new production and management team promoting Izi Ion.


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