King Jazzy Introduces Jamaica To His Version Of Trap Music (@kingjazzyBee @bridgewayartist)

Trap music, the subgenre of hip-hop which was originated in the Southern United States in the nineties, is usually all about gangs and drugs. That is until recording artist King Jazzy, who is active in the reggae / dancehall industry, released his now trending single Trap Betty Baby.

Having grown up in two countries and multiple cities: Harlem and Miami, as well as the Caribbean island of Jamaica, Jazzy approaches trap music from a unique perspective. As oppose to doing what is normally done, he made a love song on a trap beat by blending genuine romance with the realities of street life. The combination resulted in another form of the genre that he and his team are now calling Trap Love.

As a part of the worldwide promo campaign for Trap Betty BabyJazzy introduced the record to Jamaican radio DJs, who all seem to be gravitating towards it. As such, it has been added to the playlists of several known selectors, who are describing the track as laidback, smooth and sexy. 

Trap Betty Baby was produced by King Jazzy and was released on the Electric Sticky imprint at the beginning of April. 


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