Sgt. Remo & Phillipidon Release Two New Dancehall Singles

On June 4th Austin-based record label, Music For Life, teamed up with sing-jay Phillipidon and Mexican-American reggae artist Sgt. Remo on two new singles: When We Do Di Cookin’ and Together As One. Both songs are featured on a four-track EP, which includes the two vocal cuts plus a dub of each song. For vinyl collectors; the two singles are also available on one seven-inch vinyl. 

The title track, When We Do Di Cookin’, was inspired by the Rastafarian principle of eating only plant-based whole foods. Producer R.J. Johnson, who mixed all the songs, is not only a reggae producer, but also an avid supporter of change to the current state of agriculture. He outlines his position as follows: “the main point is to get folks talking about ital food and what that means to their heart.” He goes on to say: “factory farming and the violent exploitive nature of animal agriculture has to be re-thought in consideration of the ones who will come after we are gone.”

Phillipidon, who is also very passionate about this issue, added: “cooking underscores the considerable importance of good nutrition for our health and wellness. It’s my wish that this song will help to influence as many people as possible to eat well, and in doing so preserve their health.” 

All three men are now actively engaged in an aggressive promo campaign that includes the official video for When We Do Di Cookin’.


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