3 Breakout Singles From Bagga Case’s Reggae EP “Mr. Banjo Man”

Bagga Case, one of the original member of Jamaica’s veteran reggae group Home T, partnered with Danny Breakenridge of Upstairs Music and released the EP Mr. Banjo Man in February. The project has since seen three breakout singles: Home Town, Beyond the Hills and the title track, Mr. Banjo Man. All three songs have been getting considerable radio rotation and have also been featured on several established reggae websites.

For Danny Breakenridge, the producer, the news about Home Town is particularly pleasing because he penned the song. It was written for the group Home T many years ago, presented to Bagga, but was never recorded until recently. 

As for Beyond The HillsBagga Case‘s version is actually a remake of Jamaican singer Teddy Brown‘s original cut, which was initially done in the early sixties. 

The new EP, Mr. Banjo Man, has six tracks and was in part inspired by Bagga‘s 90s single with the same name. The song Mr. Banjo Man, which was written and produced by Bagga Case, features musical contributions from Third World’s Ibo Cooper and Stephen ‘Cat’ Coore, as well as Robbie Lyn and Mikey Bennett.


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