Sheldon Gava Shares Visuals For The Lead Single From His New EP “Calm Before The Storm” (@gava_jah)

At the end of April, Jamaican-American Rastafarian poet turned recording artist Sheldon Gava, released a seven-track EP titled Weather Change. The independent project features music that can accurately be described as reggae-fused Caribbean and/or world music.

With a background in poetry, the now Florida based singer has a unique way in which he presents his songs; he is very articulate and that can be heard in every line of every track on this EP. Another point worth mentioning is his ability to write songs that tells a story relevant to his cause. 

The aforementioned songwriting skills and the uniqueness of his music are on full display in the EP’s lead single, Calm Before Storm. The heavy guitar laced track is a tail about a man pursuing a woman with whom he is infatuated. The tune is done in such an outstanding manner that it has elicited reaction from key radio personalities. One such radio figure, Tracy Moore, from the popular Reggae Shack program on KTHX 100.1 FM in Reno and Lake Tahoe, summed up Calm Before Storm as follows: “one of the best most unique tracks i’ve heard in a while.” 

Sheldon Gava and his team have rightfully shot, edited and released some visuals for the record; and in keeping with the song’s theme the video is merely an imagery of the words in Calm Before Storm.


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