Reggae-Gospel Artist Derrick Scott Celebrates Jamaica In New Video “God Answer Prayer” (@DerrickScottMu1)

Jamaican reggae-gospel singer and songwriter Derrick Scott is reviving his 2018 studio album, Gospel Truth, with the release of the official video for God Answer Prayer (track number four). Although the album has been out for a couple of years, some of the songs continue to get heavy rotation, resulting in a lot of ongoing new opportunities for Scott.

God Answer Prayer is one of the song that is continuously attracting new listeners. It is particularly unique to Jamaicans as it is inspired by Neville Martin‘s My Leader Born Yah, the unofficial anthem for one of the island’s major political party. Scott, who is a committed Christian, decided to give Martin‘s song a make-over by emphasizing his love for Jamaica and his belief that the island is truly blessed and covered by God.

In keeping with the lyrics in God Answer Prayer, the new video also highlights all that is good about Jamaica, with a few performance scenes from Derrick Scott sprinkled throughout. He shot two of the performances earlier this year in Florida, where he is currently based, while the stage-show scene was captured last year during his annual Gospel Mission concert. Additional clips that shows the beauty of the island and it’s people, were collected by Maria Jackson, who also did the editing.


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