Minister Taf’s Biography (@Minister_Taf @reggaegospel360)

Minister Taf, which is short for Tafari, is a Jamaican born and raised reggae-gospel recording artist who now resides in the United Kingdom.

A man of humble beginnings, Taf‘s childhood, though filled with love was also dominated by poverty. He recalls times when he would go to bed without food; the roof would leak when it rained, and at one point he only had one pair of shoes, a trouser and t-shirt to wear when going out. Having survived all that, Minister Taf now creates songs that can aptly be described as motivational, hopeful, and inspiring.

Though he is now committed to music, Taf‘s first passion was always football. He had what seems like a natural God-given talent for soccer, which became evident in his adolescent years. In fact, at the age of 16 he was selected to attend a trial for Jamaica U17; and even though that trial never took place, he went on to win many football medals and trophies over the years. After arriving in the UK in 2009, he tried out for Barnet FC while they were in league 2. Regretfully he did not make the team. Looking back now, it is clear that God had other plans for his life.

It can be argued that his attachment to football was always matched by his fondness for music. Before transitioning to reggae and dancehall, the music from his home country, Taf started out rapping. He was introduced to the hip-hop genre by his brother and subsequently became a huge fan of Tupac Shakur. To fulfil their musical desires Taf would meet with his friend (Delano) and write songs. They often recorded themselves freestyling; but it was just for fun.

His musical journey got serious in 2012 after hearing the voice of God regarding pursuing music. That said, he officially started to work on his career as an artist that same year. From that point on Taf has been busy paying his dues. He has worked tirelessly over the years and is at a point now where he is indeed being used by God to speak to the masses.

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