Turbulence’s “Jamaica Holiday” Has Inspired A Movie! (@ReggaeVibesMus1 @Turbulence876)

A few days ago, Marlon Folkes, the CEO and owner of Reggae Vibes Music, announced that their latest release – Jamaica Holiday, performed by Turbulence – has inspired a movie. 

The two hour film, which will be released for all to see on YouTube, is being written and directed by Richard Brown and Glenroy Dodd; with production credits going to both Richard Brown Films and Jammiwood. 

When asked to give a quick synopsis about the movie, Folkes said the following: “a character with life challenges who decide to travel the country to clear his head. The journey shows good and bad of Jamaica, mostly good and how the bad turns into good.” It goes without saying that Turbulence will be playing a role, although it is not clear exactly what that will be. 

Jamaica Holiday, the movie, is expected to be released in August; in the meantime persons can click on the link below to download the song. 


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