Music For Life’s New EP “Cookin’ As One” Hit #7 On The iTunes Reggae Chart

Austin-based reggae record label, Music For Life, is in a celebratory mood after the successful release of their four-track EP, Cookin’ As One. The project, which features vocals by recording artists Sgt. Remo & Phillipidon, was published at the beginning of June; and was well received by reggae-dancehall lovers worldwide.

The team got confirmation that they have made a quality contribution to the industry when the EP hit number seven on the iTunes reggae chart last month. The imprint’s CEO R.J. Johnson, who is also the producer, was elated when he found out. He said that in addition to the news about the iTunes chart, they have also been getting a lot of positive feedback from their fans and supporters. 

Below are some reactions from persons who have heard the full EP.

“Love this! And so appropriate for these times!” 

“This track is one of my favorite local reggae tracks in a long time! Great work guys!”
“Fun jam! Made me hungry!”

“Love a upbeat and uplifting track!”

“Hot hot !!!!! Amazing sounds and great delivery!!!!!! SOLID MUSIC!!!!!!”

“i love it , incredible  now I have a new tune to listen to while I’m cooking new song  by my dear brothers Phillipidon’s Fan Club Philip White and Sgt Remo blessed love family
ya song give me goosebumps”


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