Damien Ceza’s Bio

Damien Ceza, who hails from Staten Island in New York, started his career in the music industry in 1990 with Tribal Force Sound.

During the 90s, Ceza was heavily influenced by world renowned deejays: Funkmaster Flex, Sting International, Bobby Konders and Dahved Levy. His own journey started out in a small venue on Staten Island called Consequences. There he incorporated the styles of the aforementioned selectors by blending Hip-Hop with Dancehall. As his popularity grew, he ventured over the bridge from Staten Island to Brooklyn and begun frequenting nightclubs like Club Callaloo, Club Legends, Biltmore Ballroom and Caribbean City. While observing the more established sounds at these discotheques: King Addies, Earth Ruler, Spectrum and Massive B, Ceza started to really respect and appreciate Dancehall music, culture and lifestyle. Shortly thereafter, he begun getting dub-plates done for his sound at the popular Mad Lion’s recording studio, which is also located in Brooklyn.

By 1994, he was playing at legendary clubs like Limelight, Palladium, Club U.S.A. and China Club; all this while his own popularity was on the rise in Manhattan. These were clubs that were known for having House music in the main rooms; however, they also had secondary rooms that featured Hip-Hop and Dancehall. Damien Ceza took what he learned from the Dancehall culture in Brooklyn and brought it to Manhattan. This catapulted his career and brand; resulting in him playing up to five nights a week. On some nights he was even double booked, playing at a club from 10PM to 1AM; then again from 2AM to 5AM.

In 1998 he decided to step back as he became a father to two sons. He felt that spending time with his boys was much more important than being out at a club until 6AM five nights a week. That being said, he switched up his work routine and decided to do more private parties such as weddings, Sweet 16’s, corporate events, etc. By 2003, he had three sons and a daughter to provide for. Though he continued playing music, he was not doing it as much as he did before. Alas, he started focusing on a Wall Street career and spent less time playing music.

In 2020 Damien became interested in producing. His lifelong friend, D.J. Pumpamatic, was putting out tracks and took him under his wings. He learned a lot from him about producing, engineering and mastering music. He then started his own Roots Records label in 2021 with the intent of creating Dancehall music that is clean, fun and inspiring. His productions are heavily influenced by 90’s type Riddims, big kicks and bass lines that vibrate through the listener’s body when played at clubs. His goal is to make music that will put Dance back into Dancehall. His first production is a Dancehall compilation called Midnight Run Riddim. It features various artists and was released on July 12, 2021. His second production is a Dancehall single titled Get Yuh Energy Up, performed by Asta-G. It was released on July 13.

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