Dancehall Artist Mr. Peppa Delivers Another Captivating Single “Nah Worry” (@RealMrPeppa @nyahblessmusic)

Inspired by his mother who has fallen gravely ill, Mr. Peppa known for his mega hits ‘Talk’ and ‘Gangsta Guerilla’ delivers another classic: “Nah Worry.” The single, released March 2021, is available on all major digital platforms and has begun to create waves within the industry.
It was only three years after his big international break that the recording artiste lost his brother Steely of the famed Jamaican dancehall reggae production duo Steely & Clevie and today, his ailing mother has evoked those same emotions. This proved to be the silver lining in a dark cloud. It became the motivational force that pushed the artiste to focus on his music throughout the pandemic. He is now seeing the fruits of his labor.
The passing of my brother was a very traumatic experience. I was inspired by his works and continue to use it to guide my musical steps. I have never really gotten over his passing and today with my mother gravely ill, it has reignited those emotions. This situation took me back to a dark place and as such I had to use music to escape” said Mr. Peppa.
Born Arael Jahzeel Walters in Kingston, Jamaica, Mr. Peppa had a strong love and passion for music, particularly performing. Spurred on by his mother, a natural singer, and oldest brother Steely, he was further compelled to pursue a career as an entertainer; and from henceforth music became his only desire. Mr. Peppa has collaborated with some of the most talented artists within the industry to include, but not limited to, Bounty Killer, Mavado, and Wayne Marshall. His live tour record boasts of his exploits in the USA, England, Surinam, French Guyana, Bermuda, Grenada and many other countries.
In a recent interview Mr. Peppa recall getting the news of his mother health. “When I got the call that my mother was ill it immediately brought me back to the place I was when I heard of my brother’s passing. That’s when it dawned on me that worrying doesn’t help, instead I have to do my part. This inspired me to write the song “Nah Worry”.”
“Nah Worry,” produced by Wellowell Production and Nyah Bless Music, is an inspirational song that addresses the many challenges and setbacks we face throughout our lifetime. The song emphasize the need to stand firm, stay the course and continue to give thanks for our achievements. The official video was just released.


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