Derrick Scott’s Timely Video Celebrating Jamaica From Then Till Now “God Answer Prayer”

As Jamaicans all over the world are celebrating both the country’s emancipation and independence this week, they are also glued to their devices (traditional and social media) to watch the Tokyo Olympics, an event that is seeing the nation’s athletes break all sorts of records as they make history.

That being said, Jamaicans at home and in the diaspora are justifiably bursting with pride, and as such, radio and television stations have placed songs and videos that highlight all things Jamaica in heavy rotation. One such video is Derrick Scott‘s God Answer Prayer. The visuals were first added to various entertainment programs on TV in June, which is when it was released. Last week, as Jamaica started to get a lot of attention at the Olympic Games, the video’s TV rotation increased dramatically.

The song itself, God Answer Prayer, is particularly unique to Jamaicans, as it is inspired by Neville Martin‘s My Leader Born Yah, the unofficial anthem for one of the island’s major political party. Scott, who is a committed Christian, decided to give Martin‘s song a make-over by emphasizing his love for Jamaica and his belief that the island is truly blessed and covered by God.


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