A Quick Review Of Xana Romeo’s Album “The Roots Of X” (@XanaRomeo)

On Friday, August 6th, Xana Romeo, the daughter of reggae legend Max Romeo, released her album The Roots Of X. The project has nine tracks, with guest appearances by Azizzi Romeo, Addis Pablo and Max Romeo; and it comes to us courtesy of the Charmax Music and Xana Romeo Music labels.

As one would expect from the off-spring of an established reggae artist, this record is professionally produced from start to finish. And as the name implies, it is indeed 100% authentic roots reggae music that’s loaded with both inspirational and conscious messages. Xana uses each song to highlight several important, and in some cases controversial topics.

She appropriately begins the album with Holy (track 1); which is a three minutes and thirty-nine seconds declaration about who she is and to whom she belongs. Xana then takes listeners to Africa on track number two, as she sings about the many issues and challenges still facing the continent. The Roots Of X has something for everyone: herb smokers, lovers, ghetto youths, lost souls etc.

That being said, there is an underline consistent thread running throughout the entire record, and that is one of righteousness. Those familiar with Xana‘s previously released single, Born In Sin (which is now #9 on the album) should know that most of the songs have that same energy, feel and vibe.

Usually when I write these reviews I would select a couple of tracks that really standout to me and then I would go into details about those particular songs. However, in this case I think that all the songs are really good and each should be listened to, digested and appreciated for what it is.

If I had to rate The Roots Of X out of 10 I would give it 12. Therefore, if you love reggae music I strongly recommend that you buy this record and add it to your playlist. See track listing below.

  1. Holy
  2. Africa Is Calling
  3. Marijuana Culture
  4. Brave Queen
  5. Spiritual Guidance feat. Azizzi Romeo & Addis Pablo
  6. Youth First feat. Max Romeo
  7. For My King
  8. Product of the Ghetto
  9. Born in Sin

Download and stream The Roots Of X from your preferred music platform: https://lnk.to/XanaRomeo

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