The PRYDE Foundation Awards Scholarship To Jamaican Student

The PRYDE Foundation, which is a 501c3 non-profit organization that offers mentorship, technical training and career development resources to at-risk youth, has awarded a financial scholarship to Jamaican student Rodget Faith Hylton.

Ten year old Hylton, who comes from a low income family, was referred to the institution as an ideal candidate for both mentorship and monetary aid. In an interview, the head of The PRYDE Foundation, Lafayette Hamilton, stated that “they don’t normally take on students at Rodget’s age, but based on her circumstances an exception was made.”

In addition to the financial assistance that she will receive, Rodget will also get ongoing counselling from members of The PRYDE Foundation; as the overall objective is to help her to become a better person in life.

Because the organization is based in Houston, Texas, they have assigned the ambassadorship role to dancehall recording artist Karamanti, who will be awarding the scholarship to Rodget’s mother in Kingston, Jamaica this month.


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