Mr. D Releases New Reggae Single “My Reward”

In Mister D‘s new single, My Reward, he sings about the harsh realities of life. His position is that if you work hard you’ll benefit accordingly. The song, which is said to be very serious and encouraging, is a deviation from his previous release which was more light-hearted. 

Pum Pum Yam is the title of his first song. Co-produced by Rohan Carr and Douglas McLeary, it was released in January. The title is a Jamaican slang for female genitalia, but Mister D says he was just having fun.

Based in Atlanta, Mister D has been writing songs for other artists, including The Silvertones and Keith Coley, for years. However, he decided to finally start recording last year as he felt his time had come.

Click here to stream and download My Reward from your preferred music platform.

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